Deuce [Beta] (nunca salio)

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Deuce [Beta] (nunca salio)

Mensaje por IamStillNOCturne el Vie Sep 19, 2008 7:48 pm

DEUCE [S?US-?????]

This is something mainly for collectors. It's a beta version of an unreleased game from Midway for the PSX known as Deuce. It's only a beta, not a complete game. There is no way to finish it and you're limited in what you can do.

Deuce is a playing card, The Two of Hearts, who responds to a crisis in the land when a twisted villian, the evil Jack of Spades, kidnaps the members of the Royal Flush of Hearts and releases a terrible dragon into the land. With the help of his two mentors - one a wizard, the other a warrior - Deuce sets out on a personal odyssey to improve his skills, learn magic, and master the art of combat so that he can take on Jack's minions and, ultimately Jack and the Dragon in a thrilling finale that will restore his world to its original peaceful state.

Published by: Midway Games
Developed by: Midway Games
Genre: Platformer
Release Date:
US: Cancelled in 2000
Japan: Unreleased
Europe: Unreleased




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